Fryer, Jack T.

Fryer, Jack T | Salesperson | Little Rock, AR

10/01/2007 | Hearing No. 3041

In Formal Hearing # 3041 the Commission ordered that “…Respondent Jack Fryer may reactivate his license pursuant to the following conditions:

  1. Before activation of the license, Respondent Fryer shall submit a business plan to the Executive Director of the Arkansas Real Estate Commission.  This business plan shall be approved by the Executive Director and Respondent Fryer’s sponsoring broker.  Such plan shall include prohibition on engaging in any real estate activity that requires driving.  Further, Respondent Fryer shall submit a new plan should there be a change in his principal broker.
  2. This restriction shall apply for the time period of Respondent Fryer’s driver’s license restriction and the remaining term of his probation.
  3. Respondent Fryer shall report to the Executive Director of the Arkansas Real Estate Commission on the status of his alcohol recovery plan based on the requirements established by the Executive Director.  This reporting requirement shall last for a period of two (2) years.”
  • The Commission found Respondent Jack T. Fryer guilty of violating Commission Regulation 10.16(a).
  • Respondent Fryer failed to make a written report to the Commission within 30 days after the conviction.