January Commission Meeting (Second Day of Commission Meeting)

01/30/20188:30 AM


AREC Commission Meeting

Start Date & Time:

1/30/2018 8:30 AM

End Date & Time:

1/30/2018 4:30 PM


AREC Building


612 South Summit Street
Little Rock, AR 72201


Andrea S. Alford, Deputy Executive Director




TUESDAY, January 30, 2018 

 8:30 A.M Business Meeting if continued  

 9:00 A.M. FH #3581: In the matter of Michael Robinson Fuchs, Applicant

 10:00 A.M. FH #3582: In the matter of Matthew Ryan Simpson, Applicant 

 1:00 P.M. FH #3583: In the matter of Jennifer D. Clay, Applicant

 2:00 P.M. FH #3584: In the matter of Amber Marie Taylor, Applicant

 BUSINESS MEETING may convene upon cancellation or conclusion of any hearing

1. Consider Approval of the December 2017 Minutes

2. Commissioner Expense Reimbursement Authorization

3. Consent Orders

4. Review December 2017 Financials

5. Assistant Attorney General Julie Chavis’ Update

6. Legislation/Regulation Updates

a. Advertising Regulation 10.5

7. Travel/Future Meetings

a. ARELLO® Mid-Year Meeting Registration

8. Staff Changes

9. Message to Commissioners

a. Statement of Financial Interest submission

10. Review Departmental Reports

a. December 2017 Licensing Report

b. December 2017 Investigation Report

c. December 2017 Education Report

11. Other Business

Next Meeting 9:00 A.M. MONDAY, February 26, 2018

Arkansas Real Estate Commission, 612 South Summit Street, Little Rock, AR 72201