Kumpe, Chadwick

Respondent: R. Chadwick Kumpe, Principal Instructor, Success Real Estate School, Rogers, AR Consent Order #3382

Violations: A.C.A. 17-42-307(d)(1) and 17-42-302(5) and (6).

Sanctions: Respondent Kumpe be allowed to renew his real estate license for 2015, on condition that Respondent’s real estate license be on probation through December 31, 2015; that Respondent provide AREC a notarized signed affidavit listing the times and dates that the other two students attended the courses in question; that Respondent only teach for one (1) real estate education provider of his choosing for three (3) years beginning October 1, 2014; that Respondent hold real estate classes only when a minimum of three (3) students are in attendance; that all registration fees paid by the licensee for the courses identified in paragraph 7 above be refunded; that Respondent attend one continuing education course taught in the classroom and complete one continuing education course delivered via distance education for each of the next three years beginning in 2015 and complete for each course a monitoring report as developed by the Executive Director; that Respondent pay a fine of $250; and, that Respondent not initiate, encourage, support, reinforce or sustain any retribution against license who reported the discrepancy.

Respondent R. Chadwick Kumpe became licensed as the Associate Broker of Kumpe Real Estate in Rogers, Arkansas on January 28, 2013 and is currently licensed in that capacity.

As an Instructor of Success Real Estate School, Respondent Kumpe signed certificates of completion for a certain licensee attesting that the licensee completed thirty (30) classroom hours of real estate courses that fulfill mandatory educational requirements for real estate licensing on February 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2014.

The licensee subsequently informed staff of the Real Estate Commission that approximately five (5) hours of the courses for which the completion certificates were issued were actually attended.

Respondent Kumpe does not dispute the licensee’s claim.

 By letter dated August 6, 2014, Executive Director Gary Isom notified Respondent that, given the unambiguous requirement of Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-42-307(d)(1) and 17-42-302(5) and (6), the Commission staff will not be able to issue Respondent a real estate license for 2015 without authorization by the commissioners.