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McCully, Gloria Joann

McCully, Gloria Joann

McCully, Gloria Joann | Principal Broker | Sherwood, AR

04/11/2011 | Hearing No. 3144

In Formal Hearing # 3144, the Commission voted that Respondent McCully’s license be revoked and a monetary fine of $500 be paidwithin 90 days; however, the fine will not be levied provided Ms. McCully notifies the Commission of the physical address of all of her real estate records for the last three years.

  • The Commission found Respondent McCulley in violation of Commission Regulations 10.7(a)(2), 10.10(a) and 10.7(b)(3), and ACA § 17-42-311(a)(13).
  • In July 2010, the Respondent, acting through a sales agent, listed a property in Hot Springs Village, AR, for a flat fee of $495. The Seller was not provided a copy of the listing agreement. The Respondent’s company did not put a sign on the property as promised. The fee was refunded to seller after seller brought the matter to the attention of the Commission.
  • The $495 listing fee was not deposited to Respondent’s designated trust account.
  • The Respondent has failed to provide Commission investigators with a copy of the listing agreement.

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