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AREC Announces Automated Criminal Background Check Process

Effective immediately, Arkansas residents who apply for an Arkansas real estate license will receive an email inviting them to begin their criminal background process on-line. In a break from past processes, candidates will only send a $50 application fee (via cashier’s check or money order) to AREC to process their application. Candidates will pay the criminal background check fee on-line directly to the Arkansas State Police.  Once the candidate receives an email from AREC to begin the criminal background check process, they may begin inputting their information on-line through the automated portal. To make the automated portal a successful experience, candidates must clearly print their email address and date of birth on their application form, as these will be the two items necessary to log into the portal.
Candidates will be expected to check their email frequently during this process, as well as to ensure that their emails aren’t sent to SPAM folders. AREC is pleased to provide this service that will expedite the application process for our state residents. Please note that non-Arkansas residents will not be able to use this on-line portal (unless they are willing to come to Arkansas for fingerprinting) and will continue to pay the $36.25 background check fee, along with the $50 application fee to AREC and submit fingerprint cards in order to process non-resident criminal background checks. If you have any questions, please contact any member of the AREC Licensing Team at (501) 683-8010.

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