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Application Forms

Candidate HandbookWebpageCandidate Handbook with application11/10/20221
AREC Criminal Background Check FormPDFThis is the criminal background form that must be with the application for all Arkansas Resident Applicants11/10/2021
Harvesters/Live-scan Operators LocationsPDF This is a list of Harvesters/Live-Scan digital fingerprint operators11/10/2021
Broker Experience FormPDFThis is the Broke Experience form that must be completed for all Arkansas Residents that are applying to be a Broker05/18/2016
Instructions for the Broker Experience FormPDFThis is the How To Document for the Broker’s Experience Form04/07/2011


Arkansas Applications Received from School FormPDF12/09/2016
Associate Instructor ApplicationPDF11/24/2014
Association License Renewal FormPDF 01/10/2022
Broker Pre-License and Post-License Course Renewal FormPDF 11/05/2014
Course Approval FormPDF11/24/2014
Course OutlinePDF11/24/2014
Course RenewalPDF10/04/2017
Instructor School Affiliation FormPDF 11/24/2014
Instructor License Renewal formPDF01/10/2022
Principal Instructor Application FormPDF11/24/2014
Salesperson Pre-License and Post-License Renewal FormPDF11/20/2014
Salesperson Pre-License and Post-License Course Approval FormPDF09/02/2014
School License Application FormPDF11/24/2014
School License Renewal FormPDF01/10/2022


2022 Real Estate License RenewalPDF2022 Real Estate License Renewal form06/14/2021
Activation FormPDFUse this form for an Inactive licensee to an Active status08/02/2021
Affidavit Real Estate License Never ReceivedPDFWhen you did not receive your Real Estate License in the Mail08/02/2021
Affidavit Lost Pocket Card or LicensePDFWhen you did you lost your Real Estate License or Pocket Card08/02/2021
Agency Duties Waiver Template: BuyerPDFThis template is not an official AREC form and is not intended to be used as such. If you wish to use or edit any part of this form, please seek legal counsel to determine whether this template is appropriate for use by your organization01/12/2012
Agency Duties Waiver Template: SellerPDFThis template is not an official AREC form and is not intended to be used as such. If you wish to use or edit any part of this form, please seek legal counsel to determine whether this template is appropriate for use by your organization.01/12/2012
AREC CBC FormPDFCriminal Background Check form that is to be sent in with an Arkansas Resident application10/15/2021
Branch Office Executive Broker DesignationPDFUse this form to apply for a duplicate license for an Executive Broker.08/02/2021
Broker Status ChangePDFBroker Status Change form08/02/2021
Citation Dispute FormPDF02/24/2017
Complaint Form PDFUse this form to file a complaint with AREC against a real estate broker, salesperson or timeshare developer.11/24/2009
Complaint Information SheetPDFThis form is information about filing a complaint08/28/2020
Duplicate License Application for Branch Office/Principal Broker Only PDFUse this form to apply for a Duplicate License for a Branch Office for the Principal Broker Only08/02/2021
Duplicate License App for Sales Agents, Associate and Executive Broker PDFDuplicate License Application for Sales Agents, Associate Brokers, Executive Brokers or Designated Executive Brokers.08/02/2021
Executive Broker Information and Form PDFUse this form for the Principal Broker to approve a broker to become an Executive Broker for the agency.03/15/2010
Firm Name/Address Change PDFUse this form to change firm name or firm address.08/02/2021
Firm Name Approval  PDFUse this form to establish a new firm, change a firm name, change firm address or change a principal broker.01/05/2010
License History Request PDFUse this form to request a license history.08/02/2021
License Transfer formPDFUse this form when an active licensees is changing firms08/02/2021
New Branch Office RequestPDFUse this form to submit a request to open a new branch office of an established company.08/02/2021
Personal Name or Address Change formPDFUse this form to update licensees personal information08/02/2021
Principal Broker PDFUse this form to add a new principal broker or terminate an existing principal broker.08/02/2021
Trust Account InformationPDFUse this form to open a new trust account or change information.08/02/2021
Trust Account Reconciliation WorksheetXLS11/30/2011


Application for Registration for Acquisition Agents, Managing Agents, Exchange Agents and BrokersPDF04/03/2014
Application for Abbreviated Registration Time-Share PlanPDF04/20/2017
Acquisition Agent, Managing Agent, Exchange Agent, and/or Broker Renewal FormPDF04/03/2014
Application for Registration of a Time-Share PlanPDF04/03/2014
Arkansas Time-Share Plan Annual Recertification Abbreviated Registration FormPDF04/20/2017
Arkansas Time-Share Plan Registration Renewal Form PDF04/03/2014

Arkansas State Government

Arkansas Real Estate Commission
612 South Summit Street, Little Rock, AR 72201-4740

Main Phone: 501-683-8010
Main Fax: 501-683-8020

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday | 8:00a – 4:30p

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