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Blume, William Thomas

Blume, William Thomas

Respondents: Christopher Lopez, Unlicensed; Matthew Bennise, Unlicensed; Michael Farris, Unlicensed; William Thomas Blume, Unlicensed FH3637

Violations: Respondents Lopez, Bennise, Farris, and Blume - Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-42-105(a)(1) and 17-42-109.

Sanctions: The Arkansas Real Estate Commission ordered that a penalty of $5,000 be assessed to each of the four Respondents, Blume, Farris, Bennise, and Lopez. Respondents Blume, Farris, Bennise and Lopez were ordered to jointly and severally pay restitution totaling $14,830 to two complainants.

Summary: Respondent Lopez was the Registered Agent for Resort Advocates Group, LLC. While he did not hold an Arkansas Real Estate License, Respondent Christopher Lopez held himself out as being engaged in the business of negotiating and offering the sale, exchange, or purchase of real estate property, specifically timeshare interests, with the intent to transfer timeshare interests by deed. While they did not hold Arkansas Real Estate Licenses and acting as representatives of Resort Advocates Group, LLC, Respondents Bennise, Farris, and Blume entered the state of Arkansas and met with owners of timeshare properties and attempted to sell exchange or purchase timeshare interest through negotiations with Arkansas resident timeshare owners. After the timeshare owners paid Resort Advocates Group, LLC. to transfer their timeshare interests Respondents failed to either secure the transfer of the timeshare interests or refund fees to the timeshare owners.

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