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Rushin Jr., Michael

Rushin Jr., Michael

Respondent: Michael Rushin Jr., Executive Broker Mike Rushin Realtors FH: 3624 and 3667
Violations: 17-42-311(a)(2), 17-42-311(a)(6), Rules 10.8(c), 10.8(g)(1) & (2),Rule 8.5(a)
Sanctions: $1,500 fine and completion of the AREC Property Management Record Keeping Course

Synopsis: Respondent Property Manager Rushin managed a property for an owner who was living out of state. The tenants in the property had issues with repairs that needed to be completed. Respondents failed to acquire permission from the property owner for repairs above the amount listed in the property management agreement. Respondent failed to use the owner’s home warranty company for repairs, and charged the owner for carpet cleaning which had been completed and paid for directly by the owner. Respondent Property Manager also failed to remit or account for all funds coming into the Broker’s possession, failed to keep proper records of deposits and disbursements, and failed to reconcile the trust accounts at least monthly.

Recovery Fund Order: As a direct result of these proven violations, the Commission ordered Respondent Rushin to pay $1,314.94, jointly and severally to the Complainant.

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