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Bascom, Kim

Bascom, Kim

Bascom, Kim | Unlicensed | Branson, MO

10/05/2015 | Hearing No. 3409

Respondent(s): Kim Bascom, (Unlicensed), Branson Vacation Land, LLC, Branson, Missouri, Formal Hearing #3409 

Violation(s): A.C.A. §17-42-105(a)(1) and §17-42-109. Sanction(s): Respondent is required to pay a penalty of $5,000.00, plus costs of the hearing, as determined by the Executive Director. Additionally, Mr. Bascom and/or Branson Vacation Land, LLC, was ordered to reimburse Ms. McDougal the $149.00 paid. 

Respondent Kim Bascom is Registered Agent and owner of Branson Vacation Land, LLC. Acting through representatives of Branson Vacation Land, LLC., Respondent held himself out as being engaged in the business of selling or procuring of prospects calculated to result in the sale of real estate, specifically time-share. 

On or about September 23, 2011, a representative of Branson Vacation Land, LLC called Complainant McDougal, a resident of Jacksonville, Arkansas, at Complainant’s home to arrange a vacation during which the Complainant would be required to attend a 90 minute presentation. Complainant McDougal was informed by the caller that the presentation would be about time-share property. 

On or about September 23, 2011, Complainant’s credit card was charged $149 for the Unit Cost of the offering. Documentation mailed to the Complainant stated “All packages are good for up to 18 months from the date of purchase.” After being charged the $149 fee, sometime early in 2013, Complainant called to book her vacation and was informed at that time that she did not qualify for the offering because of her income limitations. 

Complainant requested a refund of the $149 fee. Complainant did not receive a refund of the $149 fee.

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