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Canderaria, James

Canderaria, James

Respondent(s): James Candelaria, Salesperson, Kevin Clifton Real Estate, Inc., Van Buren, Arkansas, Consent    Order #3442

Violation(s): A.C.A. §17-42-311(a)(2) and Commission Regulation 10.16(a) 

Sanction(s):  Respondent Candelaria was required to pay a $500.00 penalty to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission within ninety (90) days. 

On or about April 15, 2015, Respondent Candelaria entered into an Agreement Without Appearance with the Arkansas Residential Contractors Committee for performing work as a contractor while the Respondent was not a licensed residential contractor. Respondent Candelaria was sanctioned with a fine of $4,600 which was reduced to $2,300 if there are no further violations for three years.

Respondent Candelaria failed to report the above disciplinary action to the Commission within thirty (30) days of that action.

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