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Hailey, Susan Smith

Hailey, Susan Smith

Hailey, Susan Smith | Broker | Paragould, AR

02/13/2012 | Hearing No. 3170

Respondent: Susan Smith Hailey, Broker, Paragould, AR

Formal Hearing # 3170Violations:

Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-42-311(a)(3) and 17-42-312(a)(4); and Commission Regulation 10.16(a)Sanctions:

Respondent’s broker license status is reduced to a salesperson’s license and is suspended for 60 days. Respondent is ineligible to apply for a broker’s license for two years.

  • On October 14, 2011, Respondent Hailey submitted to the Commission a letter of request to activate her real estate broker license. Respondent self-disclosed that, while an inactive real estate Broker, she pled guilty to one Felony charge. On or about the 5th day of January 2011, Respondent pled guilty to the charge of Tampering with a Public Record, a Class D Felony. Respondent was sentenced to 30 months supervised probation and ordered to pay fines and restitution. Respondent is currently serving her probation and resolving fines and restitution through court payments. Respondent failed to submit a written report to the Commission within 30 days of the plea as required by Commission Regulation 10.16(a).

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