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Lipsky, Nathan

Lipsky, Nathan

Lipsky, Nathan | Salesperson | Jonesboro, AR

02/09/2015 | Hearing No. 3385

Respondent(s): Nathan Lipsky, Salesperson, Re/Max Real Estate Centre, Jonesboro, Arkansas,    Consent Order #3385Violation(s): Commission Regulation 10.10(a).  Arkansas Code Annotated §17-42-311(a)(13).  Commission Regulation 10.10(a).  Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-14-311(a)(4).  Commission Regulation 10.1(b).  Commission Regulation 8.5(a).  Arkansas Code Annotated §17-14-311(a)(2).        

Sanction(s): Write and submit an article to the Executive Director addressing activities that resulted in the above violations, any or all of which may be published as the Executive Director deems appropriate.  He shall receive a Letter of Reprimand to be placed in his license file for one year and pay a $500.00 penalty to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission, within thirty (30) days of the date of this Order.On or about June 21, 2014, Complainant Perdzock and Respondent Lipsky entered into a verbal Exclusive Right-to -Sell Agreement on property located at 3203 Windover Garden Circle, Jonesboro, Arkansas.  On or about June 23, 2014, Respondent Lipsky completed an Exclusive Right-to-Sell Agreement on the subject property.  The Exclusive Right-to-Sell Agreement was not signed by Complainant Perdzock.   On or about June 23, 2014, Respondent Lipsky signed Complainant Perdzock’s name on the Exclusive Right-to-Sell Agreement to avoid being assessed a fine by the multiple listing service.           

A copy of the Exclusive Right-to-Sell Agreement was not provided by Respondent Lipsky to Complainant Perdzock.On or about August 20, 2014, an Addendum to the Exclusive Right-to-Sell Agreement was agreed to between Complainant Seller Perdzock and Executive Broker Webbe to withdraw the listing on the subject property.A review of Respondent Lipsky’s website revealed that Respondent Lipsky offered financial incentives to unlicensed persons for referring prospects to the Respondent. Respondent did not obtain the permission of his Principal Broker to offer the financial incentives to unlicensed persons.

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