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Rogers, Tim L.

Rogers, Tim L.

Rogers, Tim L. | Salesperson | Conway, AR

05/01/2005 | Hearing No. 2097

In Formal Hearing #2097 by Consent Order the Commissioners ordered that “…Respondent Tim L. Rodgers’ salesperson’s license be revoked effective immediately.”

Charges against Mr. Rodgers are as follows:

  1. From May 1, 2004 through December 2004 Respondent Rodgers practiced real estate without holding an active real estate license.
  2. Respondent Rodgers failed to file a written answer to Complaints filed by Complainants.
  3. After reporting to the Commission that Anchor Realty had closed and that he had stored the firm’s real estate records at a designated location, Respondent shredded all the real estate records for Anchor Realty.
  4. Respondent’s conduct during the period form March 2003 through April 30, 2004 as set forth above, of controlling the trust account for Anchor Realty and issuing or causing to be issued checks which exceeded the balance in said trust account and incurring overdraft and insufficient funds charges, and issuing multiple checks on said trust account payable to himself that were not identified to a real estate transaction, constitutes improper, fraudulent, or dishonest dealing.
  5. Respondent advised Complainant that Respondent would transfer the management of Complainant’s property to another real estate firm, but failed and refused to do so and continued to manage and collect rent without the Complainant’s knowledge. 
  6. Respondent collected rents for Complainants’ properties, but failed within a reasonable time to account for or to remit said rents to Complainants’.
  7. Respondent collected deposits for Complainants’ properties, but failed within a reasonable time to account for or to remit said deposits to Complainants’.
  8. Respondent agreed to perform certain repairs to Complainants’ property, received payment therefrom, but failed and refused to complete said repairs, and failed and refused to refund Complainant the cost of the repairs that he did not complete.”
  • The Commission found Mr. Rodgers guilty of violating Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-42-308(a) (2) (Repl. 2001), Commission Regulation 9.2(b), Regulation 10.7(c), and Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-42-311(a) (13)(6).
  • A Recovery Fund Hearing was held pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-42-401 et seq., the Commission ordered Mr. Rodgers to pay Complainants’ damages in the total amount of $31,419.82.

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