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Tucker, Carrie L.

Tucker, Carrie L. | Principal Broker | Hot Springs, AR

07/01/2006 | Hearing No. 3021

The Commission ordered that “Respondent Carrie Tucker take 18 hours of continuing education to be approved by the Executive Director of the Commission; that those hours are not to be used to accomplish any continuing education requirements. The Commission also orders Respondent Tucker to pay a $500.00 fine to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission.”

  • The Commission found Respondent Carrie L. Tucker guilty of violating Commission Regulation 8.5(a).
  • Respondent Tucker did not protect and promote the interest of her client Complainant.  Respondent unreasonably relied upon a sign leaning against a mail box post in concluding she had located the listed property.
  • Respondent did not obtain a plat or existing survey prior to closing to verify the exact location of the property.  Respondent did not reasonably inform Complainant that she was buying the property at her own risk or that she should condition her offer upon a survey or other verification that the property that she had viewed was in fact that listed for sale.

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