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White, Pauline F.

White, Pauline F.

White, Pauline F. | Salesperson | Mountain Home, AR

05/01/2005 | Hearing No. 2095

In Formal Hearing #2095 the Commissioners ordered that “…a Letter of Reprimand to be placed in Ms. White’s license file.  Furthermore, Respondent White is ordered to pay a fine of $500.00 to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission within thirty (30) days of receipt of the written Order in this matter. Prior to such time as Respondent White attempts to renew or activate her license, Respondent White is ordered to attend an 18-hour salesperson course, approved by Commission’s Executive Director, and Respondent White will not be eligible for scholarship for that course.”

  • The Commission found Ms. White guilty of violating Commission Regulation 8.5(a).
  • Ms. White failed to protect and promote the interests of her clients, the Complainants.  After Complainants told Ms. White they needed property for a commercial use, Ms. White did not determine whether the property was appropriately zoned for her clients’ intended commercial use, inquire whether her clients had done so, or include conditions in the contract that required the appropriate commercial zoning classification for the property.  Ms. White relied on the erroneous information contained in the MLS printout stating that the property was commercial land and had commercial potential when; in fact, the property was zoned for residential use.
  • A Recovery Fund Hearing was held, Pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-42-201 et seq., the Commission ordered Ms. White to pay the Complainants’ damages in the amount of $667.00.

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