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Wilkerson, Bryan E.

Wilkerson, Bryan E.

Wilkerson, Bryan E. | Principal Broker | Little Rock, AR

10/01/2007 | Hearing No. 3040

In Formal Hearing # 3040 the Commission ordered that “…Respondent Bryan E. Wilkerson’s license be revoked and that he pay a $1,000.00 fine to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission.”

  • The Commission found Respondent Bryan E. Wilkerson guilty of violating Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-42-311(a)(10), and Commission Regulations 10.7(b)(3) & 10.10(a).
  • Respondent Wilkerson did not see that Complainants received a copy of the signed listing agreement.
  • Respondent Wilkerson represented Complainants’ house as sold on his website and that Complainants saved $7,056.40, which was false and misleading.
  • Respondent Wilkerson did not make his transaction records and files in this matter available to AREC Investigator.
  • A Recovery Fund was held.  Respondent was ordered to pay Complainants $500.

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