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New Application Process


TO: Arkansas Real Estate Licensure Applicants
FROM: Andrea Alford, Executive Director
DATE: October 15, 2021

Re: Updated Application Procedure

Beginning October 18, 2021, the Arkansas Real Estate Commission will no longer accept physical fingerprint cards towards licensing applications from Arkansas resident candidates. Pursuant to Arkansas Code § 12-12-1005, fingerprints must be submitted electronically through the Arkansas State Police Criminal Background Check System for all Arkansas resident applicants. Non-resident applicants may still apply using physical fingerprint cards.

Applications must be submitted to AREC BEFORE the applicant is fingerprinted.

Please review the updated application procedure for Arkansas residents.
Arkansas Residents ONLY:

  1. Applicant will apply with the AREC, submitting the following:
    a. Completed application form
    b. Proof of age of majority (ID, Driver License, Birth Certificate)
    c. $86.25 application fee (must be a money order or cashier’s check)
    d. Criminal Background Check Identity Verification Form
    e. Proof of completion of 60 hours pre-license education *
  2. AREC will notify the Applicant when the application has been processed. The notification will include information regarding completing the fingerprint process.
  3. Applicant will contact a certified fingerprint harvester for collection of fingerprints.
  4. The fingerprint harvester will collect the applicant’s fingerprints and submit them electronically to the Arkansas State Police for the background check.

It is very important that candidates provide accurate and legible email addresses on their applications to ensure timely communication with the AREC.

*Applications can be submitted prior to completion of pre-license education. Please note that Certificates of Exam Eligibility will not be issued until 1) AREC receives proof of completion of pre-license education AND 2) the Applicant’s fingerprints are electronically submitted to Arkansas State Police.

Lists of certified harvester locations can be found at:

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