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Duggins, Shaun R.

Duggins, Shaun R.

Duggins, Shaun R. | Principal Broker | West Plains, MO

05/17/2011 | Hearing No. 3142

By Consent Order, the Commission voted that Respondent Principal Broker Duggins shall receive a Letter of Reprimand to be placed in his license file for one year and pay a fine of $250 to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission.

  • The Commission found Respondent Principal Broker Duggins in violations of ACA § 17-42-501(a)(2)(A)(i) and 17-42-311(a)(1) and Commission Regulation 7.6.
  • Respondent Duggins did not complete the continuing education requirements for his broker license prior to January 1, 2011. His license was renewed January 17 after completion of the required continuing education. Respondent Principal Broker failed to notify the Commission that his firm’s name had changed from Westgate Realty, Inc - GMAC - West Plains Missouri to Westgate Carol Jones Realtors.

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