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Gillespie, Cornise

Gillespie, Cornise | Salesperson | Jonesboro, AR

10/12/2009 | Hearing No. 3091

In Formal Hearing # 3091 the Commission ordered that “…Respondent Gillespie’s license be revoked and Respondent Gillespie will have to appear before the Arkansas Real Estate Commission before he can reapply for a license.” The Commission ordered that “…a letter of reprimand be placed in Respondent Reid’s license file and she shall obtain six (6) hours of continuing education, with a focus on agency and Commission Regulation 8.5. Those continuing education hours will not count toward the required six (6) hours of continuing education, and must be approved in advance by the Executive Director, and must be completed within one (1) year.” 

  • The Commission found Respondents Cornise Gillespie and Jenny Reid guilty of violating Commission Regulation 8.5(a). 
  • Respondents Reid and Gillespie did not protect and promote the interest of their clients, Complainants.
  • Respondents knew or should have known about the Arkansas Highway Department’s planned expansion of Hwy 18 that could affect Complainants’ property, but did not disclose that information to Complainants

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