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Marrat, Charles E.

Marrat, Charles E. | Broker | Little Rock, AR

05/01/2005 | Hearing No. 3001

In Formal Hearing #3001 the Commissioners ordered ‘…to deny Respondent Marratt’s request for reinstatement as Principal Broker; however, Respondent Marratt may apply for a salesperson’s license by written request to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission Executive Director.  A salesperson’s license will be granted subject to a supervisory plan to be approved by the Commission prior to issuance of a salesperson’s license.

“The Commission further voted unanimously that Respondent Marratt pay to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission a $200.00 fine pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated § 17-42-312(a)(4) for submission of a fraudulent application.”

Mr. Marratt was convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, fraud, dishonesty, untruthfulness, and untrustworthiness.

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